Cargo Management 101

Duffels and tents, coolers and firewood – make more room inside by carrying it up top. But how? A cargo bag, cargo box, or cargo basket? We guide you towards the option that works for your gear, vehicle, and adventures.

Cargo Boxes

Our cargo boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes—all designed to maximize the amount of gear they can fit.

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Made in the USA
Stow even the longest skis and boards up top while keeping a low profile with our sleekest cargo box.
Made in the USA
Intelligent design and aerodynamic lines.

Made in the USA
Get there in style with the sleek, aerodynamic SkyBox Carbonite series. This is next-level cargo hauling.
Made in the USA
Think thin. Carry gear for you and your cuddle bunny plus your boards or skis up to 210cm.
Made in the USA
You'll love how much more gear you can carry on your compact or hatchback car with this cargo box.
Get your friends in the car and your gear into a SkyBox. Versatile, yet sleek and aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and wind noise. Internal lid stiffeners add rigidity while the SuperLatch™ ensures security. Quick-release mounting hardware fits most crossbars.

Built in the USA


Cargo Baskets

We'll make sure you're ready for any adventure with our versatile and rugged baskets.

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Go big with this XL cargo basket made for big loads, whatever your adventure.
Versatile and rugged, the LoadWarrior will haul just about anything you throw at it.

With its burly build and sleek, aerodynamic looks, the OffGrid cargo basket hits the sweet spot.

Cargo Bags

Adventure is more a state of mind than a particular activity, and our cargo bags lets you take the adventure with you, wherever you go and whatever you do.

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This durable, water-resistant , rackless cargo bag adds 16 cubic feet of cargo space, folds for storage and won't break the family vacation budget.
Travel in comfort by getting more gear out of the car and into this 16 cubic feet durable and water-resistant cargo bag.

Lifetime Warranty

We've got your back! Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees our products will keep you and your gear safe. So relax and enjoy the ride…we've got you covered!

Rack Systems

Toss your tents, bags and packs in our cargo boxes and get more friends on board on your next roadtrip.

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Need a custom base rack system?

Find out which custom base rack system is right for your vehicle
Have a Truck?
Transform your truck bed into a multi-sport, multi-level cargo carrier.
Make the most of your behind-the-car towing capacity with our super-light trailer.
Multisport Needs?

Never have to choose between activities again!

Wherever and whatever you ride, hike, boat, our products are easy to use and load up quickly. They combine sleek good looks and high-quality performance.