Tuesday, August 1, 2006

New Car Top Soft Packs -- FarOut, GetOut Pro and GetOut -- Provide Three Consumer Friendly, Efficient Options for Hauling, Traveling and for Multisport Expeditions

BEAVERTON, Oregon (August 2006) – Reinforcing its commitment to the cycling community, Yakima, innovator in top of car vehicle racks, will introduce the HighRoller upright bike mount and a series of streamlined car top soft packs providing two size options for transporting gear. The car top soft packs, the FarOut, GetOut Pro and GetOut, install directly onto a vehicle roof with raised factory side-rails, crossbars or a cargo basket. Building upon the success of its popular SkyBox customizable cargo box line, Yakima is adding two additional sizes. Lastly, true to Yakima’s off- beat spirit, consumers now can sport a whimsical Chrome Skull endcap accessory for a personal touch.  Yakima will showcase its spring 2007 product line at Interbike, September 27 – 29, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Booth # 3935).

“The HighRoller bike mount utilizes Yakima’s proprietary design language that incorporates ergonomic styling with an automotive finish and a wheel tray that is three times stiffer accommodating the widest variety of tires on the market from the skinniest up to three inch downhill bike tires without the purchase of additional adaptors,” said Mike Steck, senior director of marketing at Yakima. “This design provides an efficient method for easy mounting and removal, letting riders hit the road or the trail more quickly. The car top bag series, the expanded SkyBox line and our endcap accessories with big personality provide cyclists with more personalized options for getting to their favorite single track or backcountry road riding in Yakima style.”


HighRoller – Upright Bike Mount
  “Our proprietary design language in the HighRoller sets this product apart from any other bike mount on the market today,” continued Steck. “The esthetics and functionality outperform the competition.  True to the upright mount category, not having to take off the front tire is a big advantage for quicker and easier loading compared to traditional fork mounts.  In addition, it folds down when not in use for less noise and drag.”

A quick squeeze of a button adjusts the mount for different wheel sizes ranging from one inch to three inches, and a single knob is used for securing the bicycle with a quick release. A wheel tray slides in an independent channel to carry long or short bikes with no tools required for assembly.  The bike mount comes equipped with a SKS cable lock for worry free security. A double-sided wheel strap enables use on either side of vehicle. (MSRP: $169.00)

FarOut, GetOut and GetOut Pro
Looking to provide cyclists with better options for moving gear, Yakima will unveil a series of soft cargo bags, the FarOut, the GetOut Pro and the GetOut. Designed for easy packing, all cargo bags can be attached to cargo baskets or on the car top.

The FarOut (MSRP: $199) is designed for heavy use with gear-intensive activities or in harsh weather where consumers prefer not to load gear into the bag while it is on top of the vehicle. “The FarOut can be loaded in the house and then carried to the car. It has been engineered for organization inside the garage/house but is small enough to fit in a car trunk. Essentially, this bag is for a premium customer that needs a travel solution with the flexibility to carry additional gear outside the vehicle on particular trips,” said Steck.

The FarOut cargo bag has: back-pack straps attached for off-car packing and transport; high quality finish that resists road debris for easy cleaning; weather-resistant sealed seams; grab handles for easy lifting and loading; an inside accessory pocket plus dividers to organize gear; anchor points for easy vertical-hang storage; oversized pull tabs with zipper lock-loops and a soft hook and loose strap that keeps straps bundled during travel.                                                                        –more-

It provides seven cubic feet of storage space and can be used three ways: for hanging organization, for hauling/travel, or as an on-car cargo carrier. Modular interior dividers act as shelves when the bag is hung from its endpoint anchor or as dividers when used horizontally during transportation. It fits factory racks, raised side rails and cargo baskets and has a premium quilted lid and base to protect gear and vehicle

The GetOut Pro (MSRP: $159) and GetOut (MSRP: $99) each provide 13 cubic feet of carrying capacity.  The GetOut Pro is designed for frequent use in extremely tough weather and can be attached directly to factory racks, raised side rails or used in combination with Yakima’s LoadWarrior and MegaWarrior products. Competitive product features include: a high quality finish for easy cleaning of road debris; weather resistant sealed seams; and over-sized pull tabs with zipper lock-loops in addition to the soft hook and loop strap tabs that keep straps bundled during travel. In addition, the GetOut Pro has a cross-padded base and lid for durability and wear resistance, delivering superior protection of contents.  The GetOut is designed for the price sensitive user that needs a last minute solution for carrying gear on top of their car. GetOut, offering exceptional value, features integrated wear-resistant base padding to prevent scratches on the vehicle and to protect contents and over-sized pull tabs with zipper lock loops and the soft hook and loop strap. It fits factory racks, raised side rails and cargo baskets.  Like the FarOut, the zippers on the GetOut Pro and get GetOut bags can also be locked for added security.

Expansion of Popular SkyBox Cargo Boxes- SkyBox 12 and SkyBox 21
“We have taken one of our best selling product lines and raised the industry standard,” continued Steck. “Our new design language again comes into play in the SkyBox series, with: a lid using Endo-Skel™, three times stiffer facilitating a single hand closure; an aero-dynamic shape for less noise and better looks; super latch security; a re-inforced nose cone for airtight travel and; Easy-Edge™ for better grip in wet and cold conditions. With these performance features and attention to detail, the SkyBox is the best package on the market today for cyclists demanding top-of-the-line performance solutions for transporting their gear.”

Yakima will add two new sizes, the SkyBox 12 (12 ft.) and the SkyBox 21 (21 ft.).  Each new model comes in a standard and Pro version and features consumer-friendly accessory options, including: a long-lasting internal LED light for increased visibility; a durable cargo net to keep gear secure; a removable gear pad for increased gear protection; and a low-profile wall mount for convenient box storage when not in use.  (MSRP SkyBox 12: $339; SkyBox 12 Pro: $439; SkyBox 21: $519; SkyBox Pro 21 $612.)

Locking EZ Rider Tower and Roundbar Endcaps With Big Personality
A new Locking EZ Rider Tower has a dual claw design that fits securely onto the side rail; a low profile, sleek look and is lockable with SKS cores. This tower fits a broad range of factory racks including the Chevy Tahoe Z71, and Suburban Z71, the Subaru Forester, the Cadillac Escalade and the Mitsubishi Endeavor. (MSRP: $140)

“Yakima has long believed in having fun with its products,” continued Steck. “Our customers are free spirits and are chomping at the bit to get outside and play. They want to do it their way. Our Chrome Skull endcap accessories are all about this attitude.” 

Yakima’s Chrome Skull (MSRP: $20 for a set of four) endcap is approximately are sold in sets of four.

Yakima is a world leader in the design and manufacture of destination hardware and gear management solutions.  Yakima’s products include vehicle racks for bikes, boats, ski equipment and gear; a line of cargo boxes and bags for a variety of needs; and Ground Control, an integrated gear management system for the home.  Yakima Products is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.  For more information, visit www.yakima.com.