Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yakima Recycled Cargo Boxes Provide Sensible Packing Solutions for Traveling in Smaller Vehicles

BEAVERTON, Ore. (October 30, 2008) – Anticipating an increase in holiday road trips due to falling gas prices and fewer available flights, coupled with an increase in consumers purchasing  smaller vehicles, Yakima, known for its innovative vehicle rack and top of car cargo solutions, today introduced “Why Fly? Pack the Rack”, a nationwide consumer initiative providing packing tips for holiday travel and information on its eco-friendly SkyBox series, 80% recycled cargo boxes.

“The challenging economy will be a game changer for holiday travel,” said Mike Steck, senior director of customer marketing and sustainability at Yakima. “Consumers are taking a closer look at the most economical way to make the annual trek to visit family and friends. Smaller cars have become the vehicle of choice, which mean less room for luggage, gear and gifts. Our cargo boxes not only provide the extra space in order to fit more passengers, but they also use recycled components.”

According to Yakima, “packing can be a fine art,” and they offer the following tips:
Lay out what you think you need to bring
Determine what is absolutely essential and eliminate items that are not critical
Separate hard items (e.g. skis/snowboards) from softer items (e.g. apparel); easily done with Yakima’s cargo net system
Leave time to pack the night before you leave; packing takes longer than you think
When you are ready to pack, place hard items on the bottom of the cargo box, lay softer items on top
Check to ensure proper closure of your cargo box
Make sure you have plenty of music and snacks for the trip
Load up the family and hit the road

Yakima’s SkyBox Series has: a 50% stiffer lid than previous models; Super Latch Security for enhanced protection; and a new aerodynamic shape reducing drag and wind noise. All boxes have quick mounting hardware for easy loading onto round, square and most factory crossbars. The SkyBox and SkyBox Pro Series range in sizes 12 to 21 cubic feet ($350.00-$640.00). Additional accessories include a mat, cargo net and LED light.
    Yakima will offer a mail-in consumer promotion “Cargo Box Kickback”, $50 off any SkyBox Pro or LoPro Box and $25 off any SkyBox, Nov. 1-Dec. 31.


About Yakima 
Yakima is a world leader in the design and manufacture of destination hardware and gear management solutions. Yakima’s products include: vehicle racks for bikes, boats, ski equipment and gear; and a line of cargo boxes and bags for a variety of needs. Yakima Products is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.  For more information, visit www.yakima.com.