Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three new products transform trucks into efficient gear-carrying machines.

BEAVERTON, Ore. (AUGUST 1, 2012) –Yakima, the innovation leader in cargo management solutions, is rolling out a suite of new products that transform pickups into efficient and secure gear-hauling machines. They include the CrashPad bike pad, BedRock multisport truck bed tower and BikerBar bike carrying system.

"People are passionate about their pickups and want to make them as versatile as possible" said Michael Zoormajian, Category Manager, Rear of Car/Truck. "These three new products enable truck owners to safely and easily transport their gear to their outdoor adventures." The CrashPad is perfect for mountain bikers who want the speed and convenience of carrying their bikes on the tailgate. Its high-density foam conforms easily to the tailgate and provides great fit, while protecting the truck from dents, chips and other mayhem. Available in Medium and Large, it fits all common pickups.

Dimensions: Medium: 62"x16"; Large: 54"x16"
Weight: 4 lbs.
MSRP: $99
Available: July 2012

The BedRock is Yakima's unique, multi-sport truck bed carrier. This versatile tower system creates two levels of storage in the truck's bed. Attach any mount to the BedRock to carry bikes, cargo boxes, skis or boats, and there's still room for more gear underneath. The BedRock is compatible with all Yakima accessories and with multiple crossbar widths.

Best of all, the BedRock is securely installed on the truck via easy cam-lock technology, not drilling, and is compatible with Yakima's SKS "Same Key System") locks.


MSRP: $160 (set of four towers)
Available: February 2013

The BikerBar is Yakima's innovative bike carrying solution for pickups. Installation couldn't be easier, with no tools or drilling required, and its BedRock technology solidly attaches the bars to the truck.

The BikerBar is a complete system and includes everything needed to carry two bikes, including: two BedRock towers, a round bar, two locking Boa bike mounts and four SKS locks for full security. It is available in two sizes to fit all common mid- and full-sized trucks.

Sizes: 66" and 78"
MSRP: $239
Available: February 2013