• No garage required. Comes fully assembled with no bits and pieces. 
  • NEW UpperHand™ lever tilts rack down for vehicle access and folds it flat for easy storage. 
  • NEW ZipStrips™ secure bikes to the rack and are fully removable.
  • Tool-free SpeedKnob™ quickly tightens and locks the rack to your car. 
  • Anti-sway cradles eliminate bike-to-bike contact.
  • Optional TubeTop™ allows you to carry a variety of bike frames. 
  • Enjoy a cold one with the Yakima signature bottle opener. 
  • Fits 1.25" and 2" hitch receiver. 
  • Carries up to 4 bikes.  Also available in a 2 or 5 bike capacity. 
  • Lock your bikes to the rack with the HandCuff locking cable (sold separately).

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  • Weight: 35.00 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 44.00" X W 12.00" X H 16.00"
  • Capacity: 4
Product #8002458

Q: I lost a few of those ZipStrips that hold the bike to the rack. Can you get me some more? A: No problem. Our customer service team would love to get you set up. You can reach them at 1-888-925-4621. Many of our larger dealers also have a supply as spares or check out the Accessories/Parts on this page.

Q: What should I do if my bike has a funky or non standard frame design? A: Make like it’s the 80’s and get a Yakima TubeTop. The TubeTop is a false top tube that quickly and easily attaches to your bike. The Yakima TubeTop takes away the difficulty and inherent hazards of mounting a bike without a top tube or one with a funky frame design.

Q: What class receivers will the FullTilt / RidgeBack work with? A: The FullTilt / RidgeBack will work with all class II & III hitches. It will also work with some class I hitches depending on the max tongue insertion depth (see Fit Measurement A). The FullTilt has a Fit Measurement A of 1.5”.

Q: Will my FullTilt / RidgeBack work with the HitchSki? A: The FullTilt 4/5 and RidgeBack 4/5 will work with the HitchSki. The RidgeBack 2 will not.

Q: Will I be able to get in to the back of my vehicle with a FullTilt / RidgeBack installed? A: The FullTilt / RidgeBack can be tilted down enough to allow most hatches or double gate doors to open fully. In any case, the bikes have to be removed first.

Q: I backed into something big with my FullTilt / RidgeBack and bent / smashed the lower part of the rack. It looks like it bolts together, can I get a replacement part? A: Sorry, that is not a replacement part.

Q: Can I add more bikes/cradles to my FullTilt / RidgeBack? A: No, the FullTilt / RidgeBack cannot be upgraded to carry more bikes than intended. Need the extra space? Go with the FullTilt 5 or the RidgeBack 5.

Q: How can I quickly tell the difference between the RidgeBack and FullTilt bike carriers? A: The RidgeBack has a silver spine while the FullTilt has a black spine.

Q: How can I lock my bike to my RidgeBack / SwingDaddy? A: Use the HandCuff. The HandCuff is an optional locking cable that can be installed onto the RidgeBack / SwingDaddy.

Q: Can this rack be used on motorhomes, campers or 5th wheel trailers? A: No, we do not recommend this rack for recreational vehicles. Yakima hitch racks are intended for cars, trucks and SUVs only.




$39 USD

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$39 USD

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You can order replacement parts from your local Yakima dealer , or directly from us by calling our Consumer Sales Representatives at 888.925.4621.

Safety and wheel straps for Joe Pro series strap racks.  Includes one each.



Zip Strips for RidgeBack, SwingDaddy, FullTilt and FullSwing model bike racks (2014+).  Includes two Zip Strips.



Replacement cradle for SwingDaddy and RidgeBack bike racks.  Contains 1 cradle, 1 zipstrip, and set screw.


Replacement Cradle

Endcap for RidgeBack and SwingDaddy bike racks.  Contains one endcap and set screw.


Replacement Endcap

2" adapter kit for RidgeBack and FullTilt bike racks.  Contains adapter, wedge spacer, bolts and hex wrenches


2" Adapter Kit RidgeBack/FullTilt

Replacement cradle with anti-sway for SwingDaddy and RidgeBack bike racks.  contains one anti-sway cradle, one zipstrip and set screw.



YAKIMA decal for mast of SwingDaddy and RidgeBack.  Color: Black.


YAKIMA decal RidgeBack/SwingDaddy

Pull pin for HighLite hitch rack.  Includes Pin with strap and 1 plug.