• Great value for carrying skis and snowboards to the mountain
  • One-button access means you can load/unload while wearing gloves
  • Universal mounting hardware fits rack systems with round, square, factory and aerodynamic crossbars
  • Holds up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, (larger Big PowderHound holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards)
  • SKS Lock Cores included

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  • Packaged Weight: 7.30 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: L 24.00" X W 5.00" X H 4.50"
  • Capacity: 4
Product #8003081

Q: What does the SkiLift do? A: The SkiLift increases roof clearance so that skis and boards with tall bindings can be placed with the bindings pointed down, to maximize carrying capacity. It is installed on one end of both the front and rear mounts so that the mounts are raised up 3-1/2” on that end and angled away from the roof.

Q: How far apart should my crossbars be? A: The recommended crossbar spread for skis under 170 cm is 12-24". The recommended spread for skis over the 170 cm is 12-36". If you are using Q Towers, or any other application where the rack is positioned in specified locations, do not change the position of the rack.

Q: How does it lock? A: Add SKS lock cores to secure skis and snowboards in the rack and then mount to the crossbar. Two lock cores, one for the front and one for the rear, will do the trick, since once the mount is closed and locked, the Hex Keys (wing nuts) can not be unscrewed. Be sure to keep factory installed rack crossbars fairly close together (24-36") so that the bindings will prevent someone from forcing the skis or snowboards out of the mounts one end at a time. Note that the crossbars of some vehicle’s built in racks are not locked and can easily be removed or slid apart.

Q: My Crossbars are so close together that I can’t get my bindings between the mounts, what should I do? A: Position them so that the rear mount closes between the toe and heel of ski bindings or between the front and rear bindings on snowboards. Both can be carried on as little as 12" of crossbar spread.

Q: Skis "Tips" forward or back? A: Ski tips must face rear of vehicle.

Q: I can't get my PowderHound to close all the way; is something wrong? A: When closing the PowderHound, one should hear one or more distinct clicks. Always check the mount before driving away by pulling firmly upward on the top of the mount. When properly closed to even just one click, it won't budge. The PowderHound is designed to automatically adjust to variable heights to accommodate different thicknesses of ski and snowboards so it may click only once or up to 4 times.


You can order replacement parts from your local Yakima dealer , or directly from us by calling our Consumer Sales Representatives at 888.925.4621.

Spare part for Q Towers



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Spare part for FreshSesh