• Includes a snap-on cover when not in use
  • Offers boat-and-cargo box friendlier 30" crossbar spread
  • Increase total crossbar capacity
  • Highest available weight rating (165 lbs.)
  • Includes four custom Landing Pads 
  • Patent pending

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  • Packaged Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: L 14.00" X W 7.00" X H 3.25"
Product #8000236

Q: A: What else is needed to complete a basic rack set up?

Q: You will need two pairs of Landing Pads, a set of Control Towers and one pair of crossbars. Check the fit list to see if there is a Control Tower option for your vehicle. A: Will Landing Pads work with Locking RailRiders, or other Yakima Towers?

Q: Landing Pads will integrate with Control Towers only. A: How much can I carry?

Q: This varies by vehicle, load type and crossbar length. Check the fit list to find out what load types (bikes, skis, boats, etc.) and weight capacity applies to your car. A: How can I be sure the system is installed correctly?

Q: There is no substitute for following all instructions. You can download instructions on the main product page. A: Will it damage my car?


You can order replacement parts from your local Yakima dealer , or directly from us by calling our Consumer Sales Representatives at 888.925.4621.

Spare Part For Landing Pad 12



Spare Part For Landing Pad 12



Spare Part For Landing Pad 12