• Telescoping boat load-assist arm retracts into your Yakima crossbar
  • Protects kayaks, canoes and your car from dings, scratches and dents
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Fits Yakima round crossbars only

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  • Packaged Weight: 4.65 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: L 37.00" X W 3.75" X H 4.00"
Product #8004018

Q: Can I carry loads on it? A: The BoatLoader is to be used only for loading and unloading.  Do not attach accessories or attempt to transport loads with it.

Q: What is it made of? A: The main bar is an aluminum sleeve over a solid steel core.  Bolts are stainless steel and the nuts are brass.

Q: What size wrench is used to install it? A: A 3/16” hex wrench, and it comes with the kit.


You can order replacement parts from your local Yakima dealer , or directly from us by calling our Consumer Sales Representatives at 888.925.4621.

Replacement bushing for BoatLoader.