• Secures the bow and stern of any boat
  • Easy to use ratchet pulley
  • Best in class corrosion resistance
  • Clear plastic tubes protect your vehicle from damage
  • Also great for non-nautical loads, like ladders or lumber

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  • Packaged Weight: 1.40 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: L 10.25" X W 5.25" X H 3.00"
Product #8004031

Q: What are they made of? A: The hooks are zinc-coated stainless steel. The rope is made of nylon.

Q: How long is the rope? A: About 12 feet long

Q: Where should I attach the tie downs? A: On the boat, attach it to a secure point suchas the grab loop. On the vehicle, attach it to the metal frame or loop under the car behind the bumper.

Q: Where do I place the plastic tube? A: Place the tube where the rope contacts the vehicle so as to prevent any friction damage.

Q: How many come in a package? A: Two per package, one for the bow and one for the stern.

Q: How do I release the rope from the ratcheting pulley? A: Pushing the chrome lever under the hook allows the rope to be pulled back.