Bike Collection

Wherever and whatever you ride, our bike racks load up quickly and are easy to use. They combine sleek, good looks and high-quality performance, and best of all, they get your gear out of the car so you can ride—and drive—with more friends.

Rooftop Bike Mounts

Get the show on the road quickly and easily with our rooftop bike mounts.

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1 Bike Capacity
Get to your criterium, century ride, or a trip to the coast fast with this streamlined, sporty-looking rack that securely mounts your fork to the rack.

1 Bike Capacity
Maximize access and gear transport with this versatile, easy-to-load bike mount that works for mountain, road and hybrid bikes. Leave the front wheel on for faster loading...and faster arrival at your destination!
1 Bike Capacity
Our premium wheel tray and versatile rear strap accommodate everything from road to downhill mountain bikes.

Wheel-On Bike vs. Fork-Mounts

Don't want to take your front wheel off to load your bike? Get a wheel-on mount. Or pop off that front wheel and use a fork mount rack. It's your choice!
1 Bike Capacity
Minimalist. Easy. Fast-loading. The Boa gets you where you need to go.
1 Bike Capacity
This is the mount built for a bicycle built for two! Double your pleasure!

Lifetime Warranty

We've got your back! Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees that no matter where you go, we'll take care of you and your gear. So relax and enjoy the ride…we've got you covered!

Hitch Racks

Our hitch lineup features our friendliest bike haulers ever. They’re super easy to assemble, install and load.

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This hitch-tray bike carrier can fit big bikes and features beefed-up arms for a lifetime of hard use.
The FullSwing has all the bells and whistles and swings away with bikes mounted for vehicle access.
The perfect road trip companion for the family of four.

Tilt & Swing vs. Tray Racks

Get the Perfect Fit

Hitch Rack Fit & Measurements

Trunk & Spare Tire Racks

Get your bikes to your destination whether you have a trunk mount or a rear spare tire.

Installs quickly and hold bikes firmly in place with this premium trunk-style rack.
Take advantage of your rear-mounted spare tire with this easy to install bike rack.
Installs quickly and hold bikes firmly in place with this premium trunk-style rack.

Benefits of a Trunk Rack

Quick to install and remove, our handy trunk racks fit all sorts of vehicles, from your hatchback to your SUV. Great for carrying up to 3 bikes to the trailhead, easy.

Have a Truck?

Our truck-specific bike racks are built to last and second to none. They hold your bikes in place to stop them from getting tossed around the truck bed.

Need a Base Rack to go with that?

Our base rack systems set you up for maximum gear-hauling success and are more durable than factory racks.

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