38" Fairing

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You've got enough noise coming from the people in the backseat. Keep car noise to a minimum with a fairing. This finishing touch to your rack system moves air flow up and over the rack, which not only reduces noise, but drag as well to aid gas mileage. Available in 32", 38", 44" and 50" widths.

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SKU: #8840005 $9.99 Spare part for 9mm Tandem Mount


SKU: #8870044 $54.99 Spare part for 32" Fairing


SKU: #8870045 $16.99 Spare part for 32" Fairing
Product Details

38" Fairing

Product Details
  • Moves wind up and over rack, reducing noise and drag
  • Includes one 38" wide fairing. Hardware included for quick installation.
  • Available in a variety of other widths (32", 44", 50"). Find the right size for your vehicle at Fit My Car or determine how many bugs you want it to squish on each trip
  • Only for use with round crossbars
  • Also a great place to show off your sticker collection

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