Bike Racks 101

We help you answer the age-old bike rack question – should I carry it up top or on the back? Watch and learn as we dive into different options for both and discuss what’s best for your bike, your vehicle, and your type of trip.

Hitch Racks

Our hitch lineup features our friendliest bike haulers ever. They’re super easy to assemble, install and load.

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The ultimate tray bike rack. Lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-use, the Dr.Tray does it all.
Rugged & secure, this hitch rack hauls it all, avoids frame contact, and installs tool-free in seconds.
Light, compact, and built for one bike, this hitch rack makes for quick & easy solo travel.
Keep the bikes on and still access the rear of the vehicle with this fully featured swing rack for up to four bikes.
The zero hassle hitch rack solution. Fully assembled and tool-free, the RidgeBack makes life easy.
Get the Perfect Fit

Hitch Rack Fit & Measurements

Rooftop Bike Mounts

Get the show on the road quickly and easily with our rooftop bike mounts.

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Our new premium fork mount, the low-profile HighSpeed, is streamlined, strong, and versatile.
Secure, sleek, and simple to use, the HighRoad is Yakima’s newest premium wheel-on bike mount.
This versatile, easy-to-load wheel-on bike mount works with mountain, road and hybrid bikes.
The unique ForkChop is a highly versatile fork mount bike carrier.
A truly universal wheel fork. The WheelHouse gets your front wheel out of the vehicle and onto the roof with ease.

Lifetime Warranty

We've got your back! Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees our products will keep you and your gear safe. So relax and enjoy the ride…we've got you covered!

Trunk & Spare Tire Racks

Get your bikes to your destination whether you have a trunk mount or a rear spare tire.

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A fully-loaded, uniquely styled strap rack that securely hauls your bikes without breaking your bank.
The SpareRide turns just about any plain-old rear-mount spare tire into a full-on bike hauler.
Smart and simple – this is a great grab-and-go rack for any type of cyclist.


Quick to install and easy to load, our handy trunk racks fit all sorts of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs. Great for carrying up to 3 bikes to the trailhead...or to grandma's house.


We've got you covered! Our lineup of truck bed specific rack systems and bike mounts is built to last and second to none. Your bikes will get to the trail without getting tossed around in the truck bed.