Landing Pad 15 (Set of Four)

Landing Pad 15 to be paired with SkyLine Towers for use with 2015+ Subaru Outback. Also works with Control Towers.
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Product Details

Landing Pad 15

  • Seamlessly combines with Control Towers, the easiest on / off roof rack system in the industry
  • Includes a complete set of 4 Landing Pads, no additional tools required
  • Designed specifically for the forward 30" crossbar spread which allows most Yakima gear mounts
  • In-molded, corner specific visual reference for easy installation
  • Snap on covers to keep the elements out while the rack is removed
Technical Specs
  • Weight: 1.60 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 0.00in x W 0.00in x H 0.00in
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    Q: Can the rear mounts of Landing Pad 15 be installed in the rearmost factory mounting points on the 2015+ Subaru Outback?

    A: No, Landing Pad 15 is specifically designed for the front mounting points to provide a best case crossbar spread for nearly all gear mounts. At 39", the rearmost crossbar spread does not gain any additional gear capacity.

    Q: Is it safe to carry long boats at the 30" crossbar spread?

    A: Absolutely. We have rigorously tested the rack system so you can carry any SUP, flat water kayak, or canoe provided they follow the recommended weight limits of the mount and Subaru rack. When properly secured with heavy duty and bow/stern straps, you are good to go.