Mako Saddles

Let your boat ride like a king atop your roof with this easy-to-load saddle system. It’s a stable ride on protective pads with Dynaflex™ grips that give snug hold once the heavy-duty straps are tightened. Pair with a set of of HullyRollers for even easier loading.
Best for Boat Mounts
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Product Details


  • Provides easy loading and a stable ride for your boat
  • Pads protect the hull, and Dynaflex™ grips provide a snug hold when you tighten the straps
  • Each set includes one Heavy-Duty Strap and one Bow/Stern Tie-Down
  • Premium heavy-duty straps with coated metal buckles protect boat and vehicle
  • Comes with two saddles per package
  • Add HullyRollers or another pair of Mako saddles for optimal stability and ease
  • Fits rack systems with round and square crossbars
  • Fits factory and aerodynamic crossbars with Mighty Mounts
  • Supports one boat up to 80 lb
  • Minimum crossbar spreads of 24” or more
  • Mighty Mount 39H adaptor required for select mounts if using with JetStream or CoreBar . Please check your fit notes at the checkout cart.
Technical Specs
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 10.25in x W 5.00in x H 7.75in
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  • Great saddles for the long haul

    Review by Mountain kayaker

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    I have been using the same Mako saddles for almost 15 years, for two 17' sea kayaks, over extensive distances. The Mako saddles perform well and they last ... and last. For a lower car with no high-level spoiler, you don't need rollers -- the boat will slide up into the saddles quite easily. The strap system is idiot-proof -- you just can't put the straps on upside down or backwards.

    These saddles do have a bit of a flex to them, which is un-nerving if you aren't used to it. But I discovered (the hard way) that the alternative -- a hard, rigid tie-down with no flex -- doesn't work well in high cross-winds. Once, when car-topping the boats in gale-force winds on the NY State Thruway, the wind blew the car about a foot sideways. Now, with the Mako saddles, the flex absorbs cross-winds, rather than the car.

    I highly recommend Mako saddles.

    Posted on January 4, 2016

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