SlimShady Awning

Lightweight Roof Mounted Awning
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Made for the shade, our new awning delivers excellent protection from searing sun and sudden showers. It mounts quickly and easily to the side of your base rack and only takes up six inches of bar space so it won't crowd your kayaks, cargo boxes, or bikes. It's super easy to use - just pull it out window-shade style and insert the poles when you get to camp. The light, strong nylon canopy has a waterproof PU coating to shed rain and delivers 42 square feet of shady coverage on summer days. Universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks.
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Product Details


Product Details
  • Universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks.
  • Provides 42 square feet of sun and weather protection
  • Rolls into a 6.5 foot wide case when not in use, leaving tons of room on your roof rack for other gear
  • 420D nylon fabric with PU coating is light, durable and waterproof
  • Easy to pitch – just pull it out, prop it up and settle in
  • Super-simple attachment – no tools required
  • Includes locks to roof rack with SKS Lock Cores for added security

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Installation Details
  • Tool-Free Install
  • 5 Minute Install
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Spare Parts

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SKU: #8880347 $11.99

SlimShady Clamp Assembly

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SlimShady Hardware Bag

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SlimShady Mounting Bracket

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SKU: #8880907 $34.00
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    The Real slim shady

    Review by Mike G Posted on June 21, 2017

    Awesome product. Great for day, camping trips, as well as events. Only criticism I would give is that it would be nice if the casing was aerodynamic.

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