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Boat Racks 101

There are different kinds of boats, paddlers, and vehicles. We help you discover your options and choose the kayak rack system that works best for you, your boat, and your vehicle’s rooftop.



Saddles and Rollers

Our saddles protect your boats with flowing shapes that fit snugly, and rollers to make loading up a breeze.

Setting a new standard for watersports racks - ShowDown is the first load-assist mount for kayaks and SUPs.
Impressively simple and easy to load, the DeckHand’s felt-padded saddles conform to your kayak’s hull.
These durable rollers easily get any type of kayak up onto your roof
This complete saddle set has integrated rollers to make load-up less of a chore.
This canoe mount attaches directly to any roof rack for a quick, tool-free assembly, right out of the box.

Lifetime Warranty

We've got your back! Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees our products will keep you and your gear safe. So relax and enjoy the ride…we've got you covered!

J-Cradles and Stackers

Save real estate on your crossbar by putting your kayak on a J-cradle or Stacker

Our most versatile one or two-kayak carrying rig. Includes Heavy-Duty Straps and Tie-Downs.
Give your roof the most room possible for more boats or more multi-sport gear. Carry up to four boats.
Simple, sturdy and reliable – the JayHook is a fresh take on a Yakima classic.

Load Assist

We can give you a hand no matter where you are and what canoe, kayak or SUP boards you are loading.

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Setting a new standard for watersports racks - ShowDown is the first load-assist mount for kayaks and SUPs.
This load-assist roller slides out over the rear of the vehicle for easy access
Take a load off. This load-assist arm for CoreBar and RoundBar makes loading a boat a whole lot easier.


Pile into the pickup by pulling gear behind your vehicle with one of our space-making, stable trailers.


How? Yakima rack systems handle heavier loads and create more carrying capacity than factory racks alone.