Vertical Hanging Mountain Bike Rack
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Perfect for tour operators, group rides and big families. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, our first-ever vertical bike rack safely hauls up to six mountain bikes to the trailhead. We designed and tested it in the lab and on the road to meet our demanding Yakima standards. The easy-to-operate tilt mechanism with two adjustable mast angles keep your bikes from bumping into your car, truck or SUV and makes accessing the tailgate a breeze. Available in 4-bike or 6-bike options, the HangOver’s vertical orientation carries more bikes in less space. Get ready to session!
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Product Details


Product Details
  • Transports up to 4 or 6 bikes using minimal space—no multiple racks or trailers required
  • Foot-operated tilt mechanism changes rack position for easy loading and unloading
  • Tilts down and out of the way for easy rear-of-vehicle access
  • Securely supports bikes by the fork crown
  • Fits suspension-fork bikes only
  • Soft padding protects the fork’s finish
  • Rotating wheel cup accommodates bikes with various wheelbases
  • Available in 4-bike (HangOver 4) or 6-bike (HangOver 6) sizes
  • 2 mast height positions for improved ground clearance and ease of loading
  • 2 mast angles to avoid bike-tire contact with your vehicle
  • HitchLock included
  • Built-in bottle opener—cheers!
  • Fits 2" hitch receivers only
  • Compatible with BackSwing (HangOver 4 only)
  • Add your own bike lock to the integrated lock loop for greater bike security

Product Specs


Installation Details
  • Some Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install
  • 2" Hitch Receiver Required

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SKU: #8002713 $29.00
Spare Parts

Don't Worry, We Have A Spare

Lower bar attachment hardware and wrench, HangOver

SKU: #8880955 $9.92

Upper bar attachment hardware, HangOver

SKU: #8880956 $7.45

Rear wheel cup with strap, HangOver

SKU: #8880957 $15.20

Lower bar end caps, HangOver

SKU: #8880959 $4.36

Tongue threaded insert, HangOver

SKU: #8880962 $10.02

Mast hardware, middle, HangOver

SKU: #8880966 $4.99

Crown Pad, HangOver

SKU: #8880970 $2.66

Crown Hanger with hardware, HangOver

SKU: #8881078 $10.00

Upper bar, HangOver 4

SKU: #8880968 $92.15

Wheel cup tightening knob w screw, HangOver

SKU: #8880958 $3.19

Lower bar, HangOver 6

SKU: #8880960 $36.45

Lower bar, HangOver 4

SKU: #8880961 $28.27

Mast/tongue assembly, HangOver

SKU: #8880963 $375.44

Upper mast, HangOver 6

SKU: #8880964 $80.30

Upper mast, HangOver 4

SKU: #8880965 $80.30

Rubber Straps, pair, HangOver

SKU: #8880969 $8.71

Upper bar end caps, HangOver

SKU: #8881005 $4.36
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    Good not great

    Review by Gabi8 Posted on June 6, 2020

    Super excited to finally get a rack to fit 4 bikes that wasn’t huge! Unfortunately if you have 27.5 or 29 wheels you cannot have this rack in first position on Subaru Forester, the wheels hit the car and won’t even allow it. you have to put in the second position but the thing is that drops yo...read more
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    Really great but....

    Review by Chris Posted on May 22, 2020

    First off, this is a very well made, sturdy rack. I purchased it with full knowledge it only accommodates bikes with suspension forks. My problem is that it doesn’t accommodate bikes with suspension AND a fender.
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    great bike rack

    Review by Bruce Posted on January 7, 2020

    I like this rack because it is simple and very functional. we operate bike tours here in NH and we arent using the trailer this rack is perfect for our smaller groups.
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    Review by Sarah Posted on November 5, 2019

    The price point is great! Seems like an awesome value. I got super excited until I realized it’s only for suspension forks; only 1 of the five bikes I own has a suspension fork. That’s not gonna fly.
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    Love this Rack

    Review by Brandon Posted on October 28, 2019

    This rack works great. Easy on and off of the bikes. Adjustable positions for when I use it with my friends SUV or carry extra bikes with the Gatekeeper on my tailgate. And I picked this one over the competitor because the connections for the bottom tires are easier to use and adjust.
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    Great for our Office Commute!

    Review by Dig Posted on September 25, 2019

    The Yakima Hangover 6 was installed on our company shuttle making it possible for several of us to take our bikes to work and then commute down the local mountain bike trail system. The rack was easy for me to use and quick to secure, even when loaded full. No scratching of the bike frame and no wor...read more

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