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The KingCobra rooftop bike mount offers easy loading, top-notch security, and the ability to carry a wide range of bikes...All at a price that won’t come back to bite you.
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5/16" HEX KEY (SET)

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5/16" X 2-1/4" BOLT SET

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Product Details
Product Details
  • Ergonomic design ensures this rooftop bike mount loads fast and provides hands-free adjustment
  • Grasps 20” to 29” wheels firmly in its jaws, enabling it to handle a wide range of bikes
  • No problem handling disc brakes, thru axles, or funky suspension designs
  • Keeps your paint job looking pretty because it grabs onto your wheel and doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike
  • SKS-compatible security cable makes thieves want to reconsider their rather poor career choice. Just add SKS Lock Core (sold separately).
  • Fits car rack systems with round and square crossbars
  • Also compatible with factory car rack systems when you add Universal MightyMount or MightyMounts (sold separately)

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