Base Rack Systems

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? We'll help you get there with our roof rack systems…it all starts here with our vehicle-specific base racks. Our base racks are designed to fit just about any car, truck, CUV or SUV…and then some!

Top of Car Racks

Get more gear on your roof and more room inside your car with a Yakima roof rack system. Roof racks provide the greatest number of options for different types of gear, and our racks are rated to carry more weight than factory bars.

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Pair with Q Clips
Got nothing on top? No problem. Our Q Tower system transform your vehicle into a gear-hauling machine with this quick and versatile system.
Pair with flush or raised siderails
      Stronger and more versatile than factory racks. Installs easily by clamping onto flush or raised side rails.
Quickest on/off for a hassle-free installation
          Easily attaches to vehicles with fixed mounting points and roofs with tracks.
Need another solution?

We do custom installs

Find out which custom solution is right for your vehicle

Truck Racks

Whether you're ready to head off road for some rough-and-tumble, or just looking to create more room in the cab for a more comfortable drive to the trailhead, our truck rack options have what you need.

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        Gives your pickup 2 levels of storage: gear up top with pickup truck versatility below.
Clamps on truck bed rails
The perfect rack solution for everyday hauling of ladders and lumber.
Top-of-vehicle Stystem for boat and other long loads
        Easy loading with built-in-tilt down feature.


Now multisport adventure lovers can take boats, bikes and boxes all at once with our RACKandROLL trailer. Carry up to 250 lbs or upgrade to heavy duty shocks to add another 1000 lbs of gear.

Running out of room on your car? Hitch up a trailer for easy cargo hauling.

Never run out of room again by adding a trailer to your cargo-hauling setup. Bikes, boards, boats, and cargo boxes all play nice together on our trailer.

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