Base Rack Systems

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? We'll help you get there with our roof rack systems…it all starts here with our vehicle-specific base racks. Our base racks are designed to fit just about any car, truck, CUV or SUV…and then some!

Streamline System

NEW StreamLine System roof rack combines advanced aerodynamics and clean lines with exceptional strength, versatility and utility. Four crossbar designs and four tower designs are available to help you create a custom system.

Aerodynamic and quiet, lightweight and strong – this is the totally new Yakima crossbar.
Efficient and quiet, the new CoreBar combines advanced aerodynamics with steel’s strength and utility.
Yakima's iconic RoundBar with more than a quarter century of real-world testing.
Sleek, secure and simple – this advanced tower adapts to fit rooftops without factory rails.
An advanced tower that integrates with our Landing Pads to create a customized, versatile rack system.
The Yakima Windshield attaches easily to any bar to quiet the whistling wind and reduce the drag of drag.
The new Yakima base rack solution for cars with flush-mounted factory side rails.
The totally new Yakima tower for vehicles with raised side rails.
Same Key System enables you to lock all your Yakima products with just one key.
four distinct crossbars

Choose the right crossbar length

Find the right bar style and length to fit your needs

Classic Roof Racks

Get more gear on your roof and more room inside your car with a classic Yakima round bar roof rack system. Roof racks provide the greatest number of options for different types of gear, and our racks are rated to carry more weight than factory bars.

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Pair with Q Clips
Our Q Tower system transform your vehicle into a gear-hauling machine with this quick and versatile system.
Pair with flush or raised siderails
      Stronger and more versatile than factory racks. Installs easily by clamping onto flush or raised side rails.
Quickest on/off for a hassle-free installation
          Easily attaches to vehicles with fixed mounting points and roofs with tracks.

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