Universal Canoe Carrier

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Everything you need to secure just about any canoe to just about any type of crossbars without breaking the bank. This kit comes with laminated, super-grippy, anti-skid pads, four foam blocks, two bow/stern tie-downs, one heavy-duty strap and a mesh storage bag.

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Canoe Carrier Foam Blocks

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Product Details
Product Details
  • Affordable, simple design for easy installation
  • Laminated, super-grippy, anti-skid pads to interface with your vehicle
  • Fits and protects most styles of hulls and gunwales
  • Includes 4 foam blocks, 2 Bow/Stern Tie Downs and 1 Heavy-Duty Strap
  • Attach to a naked roof or round, square, factory and aerodynamic crossbars right out of the bag
  • Reusable mesh bag for storage

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