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SkyRise HD Tent - Medium


This exciting addition to our SkyRise Family is your hub for the ultimate mobile base camp in any season. The SkyRise HD tent body is ruggedly constructed with 600D Ripstop polyester fabric and a 3000mm waterproof PU coating. Paired with the weather-shedding waterproof rainfly, you’re set for complete protection against the elements. The extra-large windows and doors provide grand views and great ventilation—while the thick wall-to-wall foam sleeping pad provides cushy, all-night comfort.

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Product Details

SkyRise HD Tent - Medium

Product Details
  • Two size options provide room for two or three campers (small and medium)
  • Frame geometry offers more usable space
  • Large doors, windows and skylights open up the vistas
  • 4-season weather protection: 600D Ripstop Polyester fabric with a 3000mm waterproof PU coating
  • Rainfly with 210D Ripstop Polyester, 3000mm PU waterproof coating
  • Guy lines and D-rings on the tent floor to hang gear or tie down the tent in windy conditions
  • Abrasion-resistant tent floor with textured finish for added durability
  • Ladder has mid-height adjustment points for easy set-up
  • Ladder auto-close function that makes it a snap to close up
  • Tool-free and lockable vehicle mounts—easy to put on, quick to take off
  • Easy-to-deploy design means less work and more play—great when it’s dark or raining
  • 2.5" thick foam mattress
  • Foam sleeping pad includes a removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Mesh panel improves ventilation and lets you view the starry skies
  • Aluminum tent frame is light, strong and pre-set to make pitching a breeze

Product Specs
  • Weight: 125.66 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 58.00in x W 48.00in x H 17.00in

SkyRise HD Tent - Medium

Installation Details
  • Roof Rack System Required
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Tool-Free Install
  • 15 Minute Install
Resources / Manuals

Your System, Your Way


SKU: #8007426 $55.00
  • Flexible LED Light Strip For SkyRise Tent
  • Versatile Mounting Straps Attach Almost Anywhere
  • Slides Into SideTrack On Outside Edge Of SkyRise
  • Powered By Any 5 Volt USB Power Source (Not Included)


SKU: #8007425 $19.00
  • Hanging Storage Hooks For SkyRise Tent
  • Carabiners w/ Nylon Cord Hold 50 Lbs Of Gear Each
  • Slides Into SideTrack On Outside Edge Of SkyRise
  • Sold As A Pack Of Four


SKU: #8007424 $29.00
  • Hanging Storage Net For SkyRise Tent
  • 40” x 17” Net Holds Jackets, Towels, Toys, & More
  • Mesh Construction & Two Zippered Pockets
  • Slides Into SkyRise SideTrack™ For Exterior Use
  • Clips To The SkyRise Tent Structure For Interior Use

SkyRise Annex, Medium

SKU: #8007422 $279.00
  • Annex For SkyRise Tent
  • Creates Additional Enclosed Area At Your Base Camp
  • Slides Into SideTrack On Outside Edge Of SkyRise
  • Made Of Waterproof, PU Coated 210D Nylon
  • Available In 2 Sizes: Small & Medium


SKU: #8007423 $39.00
  • Shoe Bag Accessory For SkyRise Tent
  • Holds Hiking Boots (1 Pair) Or Shoes (2 Pair)
  • Slides Into SideTrack On Outside Edge Of SkyRise
  • Made Of Durable & Waterproof 500D Material
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Spare Parts

Don't Worry, We Have A Spare


SKU: #8860097 $3.30

Replacement part for SpinVice clamps


SKU: #8860098 $5.50

Replacement part for SpinVice clamps


SKU: #8880347 $6.60

Replacement part for SpinVice mounting clamps

SkyRise Cover Med

SKU: #8880783 $136.40 Blank

SkyRise Mounting Hardware Bag

SKU: #8880733 $33.00

Replacement parts for SkyRise rooftop tents.

SkyRise Mount Bolt

SKU: #8880734 $4.40

Replacement part for SpinVice clamp on SkyRise and SlimShady.

SkyRise Rail w/ Clamp

SKU: #8880735 $59.40

Replacement part for SkyRise rooftop tents.

SkyRise Rainfly (Med)

SKU: #8880780 $118.80 SkyRise Rainfly (Med)

SkyRise Mattress Cover (Med)

SKU: #8880781 $94.60 SkyRise Mattress Cover (Med)

SkyRise Mattress w/ Cover (Med)

SKU: #8880782 $163.90 SkyRise Mattress w/ Cover (Med)

SkyRise Tent Body (Med)

SKU: #8880784 $328.90 SkyRise Tent Body (Med)

SkyRise Tent Hoop Set (Med)

SKU: #8880786 $61.60 SkyRise Tent Hoop Set (Med)


SKU: #8880901 $109.00 Replacement cover for the SkyRise medium tent mattress. Cover is made of 210D ripstop nylon and has a PU coating to protect the mattress from condensation and spills. Includes one medium mattress cover.

SkyRise Ladder 2.6M

SKU: #8880775 $163.90

Replacement ladder for SkyRise tents

SkyRise Rainfly Poles (MD) 8pk

SKU: #8880779 $33.00 SkyRise Rainfly Poles (M) 8pk

SkyRise Rainfly Hoops 3pk (Med)

SKU: #8880785 $39.60 SkyRise Rainfly Hoops 3pk (Med)

SkyRise Ladder Hardware

SKU: #8880776 $31.90

Replacement hardware for SkyRise rooftop tents.

SkyRise Pole Connector Covers (6pk)

SKU: #8880777 $2.20

Replacement parts for SkyRise rooftop tents.

SkyRise Hinge Set

SKU: #8880778 $66.00

Replacement parts for 2016-2017 SkyRise rooftop tents.


SKU: #8880902 $124.00
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