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TopGrip OG

Get your axes and shovels out of the backseat and up on top where they belong. Easy to use and super secure, the TopGrip OG is a smarter way to carry your long-handled gear.Attach it to either size OffGrid cargo basket, then secure your gear in the padded clamps.Voila!Your axe or shovel is out of the inside of your car, riding safely, securely, and away from the dangers of slamming doors and clumsy passengers.Paddle much?Use the TopGrip OG for paddles as well.
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Product Details

TopGrip OG

Product Details
  • OffGrid cargo basket accessory carries one axe, shovel or paddle up and out of the way
  • Double-padded clamps deliver a super tight hold without damaging your gear
  • Fits just about any axe, shovel, paddle or other straight handled item from 30mm to 50mm in diameter
  • Carries items up to 9 lbs
  • Easily attaches to Medium & Large OffGrid cargo baskets
  • Add SKS (Same Key System) locks for added security (sold separately)
  • Sold as a pair to carry one axe, shovel, paddle or other long item

Product Specs
  • Weight: 1.04 lbs
  • Dimensions: L 4.25in x W 2.00in x H 3.25in

TopGrip OG

Installation Details
  • 5 Minute Install
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Spare Parts

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SKU: #8880934 $6.60


SKU: #8880922 $22.00 Replacement TopGrip paddle holder assembly. Includes one TopGrip assembly without mounting hardware.

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